mayer custom seat

here is a shot of my new seat from Rick mayer.

this is the guy who made it, I told him to make it flat, very little ramp, narrow at the nose. got it on sale, $269 + ship

I know some of you will laugh at it. you wouldn't after a 400 mile day. I didnt buy this to be a pit bike but to put on some serious DS mile days. besides I'm into function not fashion on MC's. Its not a seat if your racing, though the wings do not hamper any leg movement, it is not as crash resistant as the stocker, the price you pay for comfort.

Beats the cinderblock suppository that comes stock.

looks really comfy but you had to measure your ass?

hey I've been called one more then a few times.

looks really comfy but you had to measure your ass?

Do you measure the whole ass or one cheek at a time? Do you do it yourself or get help?

Serious now... nice seat. I put about 200 miles last Saturday and at the end of the day I felt like the new guy on Cell Block "B".

Elmer out

i sent in pictures of me on the bike. a photo on his site of a LC4 shows a much deeper dish, that would lock you in more to a position, not good for dirt. its not super hard like a corbin, seems right. I havent done big miles yet, I am struggling w/ electrics , dot lights aahhhggg

Please update us after the long ride. I need to do something about mine one of these days. Thanks

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