Need some advice on a wr400 that I am looking at buying....

Hey everyone,

It has been a real long time since I have posted on here. I use to have a 2000 wr400 and it was a great bike but I sold it due to many reasons and am now looking for a bike to replace it. I use to be a fairly competitive rider and could hold my own fairly well in our local hare scrambles. I have not ridden a bike for probably 5 years and have been looking for a used bike to ride around at our farms and maybe do a few funday rides with the local club. I have found a 2000 Yamaha wr400 with excel rims, devol radiator guards, white bros. pipe/exhaust, bark busters, and pro taper bars. This is a second owner bike and he is selling it because he is needing a little bit of money. I rode the bike this evening on his street and it ran good/strong and the compression seems to be very good. The bike feels tight and appears to be a good buy at $2000. Any opinons on whether this is a good deal? I'm not looking to go near as fast as I use to but would like something to trail ride with the kids and occasionally rip it up a little. Thanks.

sounds like a pretty good price if everything is in good shape. I paid 2800 for my 99 last year, but it was fully DS'd with oversized tank, renthal bars, barkbusters, lots of stock and spare parts, trailtech speedo, and it was CLEAN.

I thought 2800 was good for all of that, so if you're getting a 2000 for...2000:) it sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Where are you in TN? I'm in KY and have raced a couple HS with mid-south, also racing in D10 (KY). If your north Central we have an event in OCT in Gamaleil, KY right on th border.

Good Luck!!

I am in Memphis. I use to race mostly with the Memphis Motorcycle Club series and did a few winter series races. I forgot to mention that I would like to probably set it up for dual sport in case I have an opportunity to ride it to a few local trails for a few miles on the road. I don't know how much is involved with the actual methods of going through the legalities of getting them licensed but I am hoping that I can get a DS kit for it and get a tag. I live in the county so we are not subject to vehicle inspections. I am going to sleep on it tonight but I think I am going to buy it. there any other pipes that I could swap out for to make it a little more quiet? It currently has a white bros. pipe and he says it has all the baffles in it now. I would like something not quite as loud if that would be possible. thanks again!

Get a stock muffler off of eBay and get a GYT-R insert for it. Quiets it down nicely and doesn't hurt the power too much.

BD now has an "integrated" DS kit. much simpler to install than my older one, and they even have a quick release model to swap out the wirring and headlight if you want to ride somewhere or in some fashion that might put your headlight and wiring at risk (i.e. racing).

I think it was the AMA website I was on the other day that has the 50 states' equipment requirements, but the DS forum here is a good resource as well.

Aas far as the pip goes, I'm running a stock YZ yes YZ muffler on mine, and I think it's too loud, I'm looking at an FMF Q2 as a christmas present to myself (and everyone else who has to hear me!!)

Great move on the quiet pipe, less sound, more ground. and Great choice on your bike.

Good luck

Thanks for the advice guys. I called the guy today and told him I would take the bike. I am going to pick it up on Tuesday or wednesday next week. That was the soonest that our schedules would allow for me to pick it up.

Aussie bloke here . Thought i would share wr400 2000 experience with you . Tuned right and with the right mods they are awsome however they have short leggs and do need a sixth gear in my opinion for the open trails . Tight and steep is sensational for this bike and no shortage of go power.. Good luck

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