Need info. on plating my WR in Michigan

I recently bought a 2005 WR and had the Baja Designs street Legal kit put on it. I have received a form from the dealer to have a police officer sign off on my bike. I received my title in the mail, what is next? I know I need the endorsement and im waiting for my apt for a skills test, however I am lost as to what order the steps are. Can I get my plate at the Secretarty of state or through the dealer with this police form and my title? Or do i need the endorsement and insurance first? I rarely ride on the road while going to the trails, however I want this completed. Any info from a michigan resident would be helpful.



Check your pm I'll run you thru the drill :thumbsup:

Michigan is one of the easiest places to get an off road bike plated. I did my '06 YZ a few months ago. Get your cycle endorsement if you have a motorcycle or scooter to ride/barrow. (Hint-If your not real confident in your riding skills use the smallest bike/scooter possible.) It doesn't matter if you do this first or get your bike certified first. Call the place you are going to test at and ask what documents they need. I can't remember what it was but I think you have to bring your title. They inspect the bike your using before you do the test so make sure it passes street legal muster.

Get insurance. I got mine from markel american insurance company for about $150/year,-

Call the dealer that you got the street legal kit and ask if they have a police officer that can sign off on the form. Most dealers have a relationship with one or more local officers. Be sure to have a "tip" for the officer who is signing the form for you. Usually $20-50. I paid $20. The dealer will probably tell you how much to tip. Human nature being what it is, you could bet that the more you tip, the smoother your inspection will go.

If you want to have all your bases covered, make sure you have DOT approved tires on your bike. I didn't, but I promised that I would be putting them on soon.

Take your inspection form and proof of insurance to the secretary of state. If I remember correctly, it was about $70 for plates and fees.

Thats it. If your lucky, when your all done you'll end up with this-

OK, thanks man! So i dont need the endorsement to get plates, however I need it to complete the deal and be legal. I have the copper form already done with my title, but no insurance. I will get that now.

As far as the endorsement... I know that the skill test needs to be done, I can tseem to get in until Nov. Do you know where I can go and how much? I Live in Sterling Heights.

Lastly, I am looing for trails to ride from the Sanford/Wixom Lake area in HOPE, MI upward to Mackinaw. Im looking for a town to town thing on trails though. Let me know.

Hey, is that an oversized tank? or just clear? I want a larger tank. I cut my gray wire, put the YZ throttle screw in and put the Pro Moto Billet exhaust insert on. What a diffrence! I love the bike.

Thank you,

Keith Malec

I all ready had my endorsement when I got my plates. They didn't ask me about it but that doesn't mean they didn't look for it on my license. Unless somebody else chimes in I would call the sec. of state to find out. You can also ask them for the places around you that do the road testing. The testing itself was 2 parts. You do the written part at the SOS which was free. The road test was less than $20.

If your going to be doing a bunch of trail riding you might want to get a GPS. It's my favorite add on to my bike. You can make your own routes. You can get from anywhere to anywhere in MI and you never get lost. You can take dirt roads, orv, or 2 tracks since your street legal. I do a little of all of them and have been riding around Grayling. You can also get ORV trail routes from the SOS.

The gas tank is an IMS 3.1 gallon. I would have preferred something in the 5 gallon range but this is all they had when I was looking for a bigger tank.

What did you pay for it

I got it from the TT store. $218 + shipping. But if I had it to do over again and there was a bigger tank available I would go with that. You don't have to fill it up all the way but its nice to have the capcity when you need it.

Anybody know where the federal safety sticker is on the 2005wr450f? Is this the same exact number as the vin number? I need ot for the police form to be completed.



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