Pilot screw help

Well, as luck would have it I took out my pilot screw and lost the washer, o-ring and spring.

Some where in the grass, wasn't paying attention and dropped them.

Any suggestions as to where to get replacements??

I guess the dealer would be the best bet!!

Also, what is the correct order these parts go back in??

Looks like spring, o-ring, washer????

Thanks in advance!!


The order of assembly is (top to bottom) O-ring, washer, spring, screw. The O-ring very often sticks in the bore, but that's the easiest of the 3 parts to get in the aftermarket. The catalog shows only 1 number for the 4 parts, 5NL-14105-00-00 PILOT SCREW SET.

Someone else may be of more help.

Thanks guys for the help.

I ordered a replacement from the link posted, looks pretty good.

Stainless steel and an extra coil or so on the spring for more tension, less chance it will back out.

Thanks again all!!


Too late now but Suzuki sells the parts individually. Big difference if you don't want the needle.

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