New Plastics for 01 WR426 - Yammy or Aftermarket?

Hi all, I've been off the posting for quite a few months due to work/travel and have seen some noticeable changes -- Anyways, I'm looking to replace all my plastic (keeping my same WR tank) and was wondering whether to buy from Yamaha motor or to go aftermarket. Yammy has everything on the sight except WR rear fender by the looks of it (I need the WR rear fender for license plate lighitng) Pricing looks similar. I've seen a lot of reccomendations for Acerbis on previous posting. Does the aftermarket pose any advantage over Yammy plastic? I'm not looking to change graphics, only want fresh plastic for that brand spankin new look and smell. Thanks and ride safely, Trey... Here's the yammy sight:

I thought OEM plastic was 2X aftermarket...

Acerbis & UFO is good stuff. I went w/ a YZ rear fender (that has the vent channels to the airbox) and stuck an Acerbis tailight/plate holder to it.

I don't think OEM rear is DOT certified. Depending on the mood of the COP, I suppose he could ticket you...???

For what it's worth!

I bought all Yamaha plastic for my (2001 WR426)thinking it fit better,look closer to the original and the quality would be better.

Wrong !

Aberis and One Industries, I think are the same.

From what I seen at the dealers that handle them.

Plus they are a little cheaper

If you not in a hurry, check out Ebay for deals

My 2cents


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