Help me put together a goodie package before I leave the country

After jumping through a lot of hoops, we will finally make our move to Mexico in October. Since stuff will be harder to get down there I'm wanting to load up before crossing the border. I'm a fairly new WR450 owner so other than changing the oil, air filter and doing the mods, I haven't had to do much maintenance so I need your help as I don't have a clue what all to bring. I'm bringing a case of Amsoil MCF, I got a Scotts stainless filter and I'm taking an extra set of tires. A lot of my riding will be on beaches but I was so stoked to find a really nice MX track 1/2 mile from my house where they have national races so I'll be spending some time there as well. I'll be back in the states every 6 months or so so I don't need to bring a truck load of stuff but I would like know what you guys would take.

Oh, our house is on the beach so I could really use suggestions how to keep my bike clean and as rust free as possible given all of the salt in the air. What would be the best cleaner for this?

why you lucky little sh*t!

mexico has my heart! that is some of the best riding i have ever done in my life! i should be pre-runnin again in november for the 1000, where in mexico are you moving to, don't say san felipe,,,

sprockets and chains, tube patches up the wazoo, tire pump,

make sure you get a bash plate! brake snake, spare shifter

put full wrap hand gaurds on, spare pads, wheel bearings, seals front and back, spare bolts assorted sizes, oh ya spare fuel filters, i haven't even seen mine on this bike yet but the have shi*ty gas down there,

hope this helps,

you have motion pro tool bag with tire irons pump, wrenches or something like that eh?

i am green! are you going to be able to take us for a ride when you get down there? i'll be down there lookin you up! lol :thumbsup:

For the salt air, i would stock up on WD40 and spray it on exposed metal.

And you better show us pics when you get down there :thumbsup:

Mexico, a la vida tranquil. Bueno para ti. I bought 1.5 acres in La Paz a few years ago and am planning on building within the next five years. 400 yards from the beach and on the Baja 1000 route. You beat me to it ya' bastard. I'll keep an ear and eye open and hopefully learn from your experiences. Buena suerte...SC

Seems we all have the same idea, I have an acre on the beach near Loreto, plan to move there within the year and build a big home. Tired of all the BS you have to put up with in the US to have a good time. Ocean front living is hell on metal, so be prepared to spend a lot of time maintaining the bike or figure you just have to replace it every few years. My advice would be to keep it off the beach. Have fun.

I'm moving to Mazatlan so I'll surf when the waves are good and ride when they aren't. Actually, there is almost always good surf so I'll ride in between surf sessions. I won't be riding anything as gnarly as Baja but I'll still have to consider some of the stuff on your list. With the WD-40, do I just spray it everywhere there is metal and leave it? Will it come off when I wash it (which will be often) or will sand and dirt stick to the WD-40 and just make a goopy mess? What's a good cleaner to use when I want to wash it?


Do these bikes have fuel filters in them or do I need to buy an in-line filter? If so what size is the fuel line...1/4", 5/16"? Are the KN filters good and are they reuseable or do I need to buy multiple ones?


the last time i was on the beach i noticed a lil oxidation,

use stainless steel pot scrubbers, not steel wool, the stuff i'm talkin bout looks like shavings from a lathe, only do the rusty stuff, not paint,

my buddy had a brand new pipe when he went down with me and it looked like hell after a few days, but it came right back,

alcoa makes a spray for hwy rigs, to prevent oxidation to aluim rims, make sure its clean before you put that stuff on and it will work good on anything aluim,

good luck ,you beach bum :thumbsup:

FlameDog, can you give me more info on the fuel filters you're recommending?


The only items I would add to RedDog's list is extra air filters, air filter cleaner and air filter oil, extra handlebar and couple pairs of grips.

oops, sorry bout that, it is petty hard to run a filter on this bike, i feel like an idiot, when i was thinkin of all the stuff i take across the line i was also thinkin of the quad stuff, quads have fuel pumps sucking gas and pumping it into the carbs, these bikes are gravity feed, snicker snicker! pretty hard to force it through a filter! lol

i know you are not allowed to bring fuel with you across the border, but i have alway snuck a drum of VP with me, mix it 50:50 with the pemex and you got no issues,

to get the petro across just hide it! bring lots of steekors!!! yell VIA LA MEXICO!!! and your in! :thumbsup:

There is a Yamaha dealer in Pto Vallarta that seemed to have quite a bit of stock on hand for dirt bikes and quads. Checked it out last spring. It's a day trip from Mazatlan , but then so is Mexico City I suppose. I don't know about the aftermarket products though. 1000 miles from California and the only dirtbike magazines in the Gigante' store were from Spain, so I'm betting that's where the extras get ordered from !!!!! Good Luck you lucky Bastitch - WR Dave.

Dont forget extra levers and grips... even with handguards I have managed to end a few riding days because I didnt have these items. Ohh yea, and plenty of spark plugs.

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