dr.d pipe

is adr.d pipe a good pipe for off road or should i go fmf or yosh :thumbsup:

Hiya, I have a Dr.D pipe (Standard Yami header) on my '06 WR450 :thumbsup: & it makes heaps of difference, particularly down low to mid range it pulls like a steam train. I put the quiet tip insert in last weekend to quieten a little but that didn't seem to affect performance at all. :applause:

I've ran Dr.D full system exhausts on my '00 YZ426 and now on my '05 WR450 and I love them both. Great pipes and sound fantastic. I too have the quiet core insert on my '05 and it doesn't effect performance at all and keeps you under the CA 96 Db law. :thumbsup:

I have the slip on. My 05 WR450F does well with it. I did a race over the weekend with just spark arrester. I registered 96. The limit was 98. I had fresh packing inside. I like the way DR. D does the the packing. Very easy to change out.

I have the complete system on my 03 and love it. The only down side is you have to pull the header pipe to change the oil filter. Plus there is no shield for the header pipe and I have burned a couple pair of pants.

My advice is to buy one. Now.

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