Bought the 03 450, now I need to adjust it! HELP

Here is some q`s that I need answered! (sorry if my english is a little rusty )

-Oil? Which one! Some tests done in norway for STATOIL says that a syn. 25W-50 oil is the best for one sylinder bikes. Dont like the tought for putting cheap 30W-40 oil on my new "girlfriend" like some others do. Which one do you recommend. And how often do I have to change it? I know this depends on how hard i ride it, but i guess I like it best when the throttle is open wide!:thumbsup:

-Im using the bike for all kind of purposes. Now mainly for SuperMotard/street use, but I wil also use it offroad and on mx tracks. So i tought of geting the YZ setup or do someone recommend going to a shop and get custom setup? Or maybe even adjustment on the original suspension is good enough?

-When I bought it it had a new exhaust and jets. It also hadd a wiesco highcomp piston. I\m thinking about gettinh some new camshafts, YZ maybe.. What would the power vs lifetime be? I like power, but if it kills my engine it not worth it..

Audun, these bikes like plenty of fresh, good quality motorcycle specific "wet clutch" oil.

I stick to changing mine every 5hrs running time. I use motul 5100 15w50, but there is many good oils to choose from. I just use Motul because it is one of the best on the market. I don't want to turn this into "what oil is best" thread, so I will just leave it at that.

As for power vs lifetime, I don't see any problems with modding your bike. Just use good fuel and oil.

i also say motul goes great

i used to use 5100 and its fantastic in racing and commuting circumtances

i just changed to 7100 and the clutch and gears seem sooooo much smoother

im not sure about ur high comp piston for street tho

im scared of pings hehe then again i dont know how your fuel is there

yzf cam is a bit of a pain for street, my bike doesnt like to start all that easily in coldish air (10 - 15C) and still is a bit of a pain in warm air, still tinkering with jetting/starter jets etc

i cant really comment on 03 suspension sorry, its very different to mine ive heard

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