HELP!!!! XR wont run

I bought a 1994 XR650L a week or two ago. The bike runs fine but was neglected for years and now needs simple work. Well the last day or two I was riding it and while riding it starting jerking and puttering kinda violently. Similar to when you are in way to low of a gear, or running out of gas. The only problem is that it was neither of those. It has plently of gas, and I know how to ride so it was in gear properly. Now the bike wont start. It cranks and cranks but no start. What could it be???? Spark plug???

Sounds like a fuel supply problem! Which is likely as you said the bike was neglected (a dirty shame for such a good bike) The first thing I would do is pull the carby off and give it a good clean out, including the main jet. The best way to clean the jet is with a set of oxy tip cleaners.

It probably wouldn't hurt to get a carby kit and change out all you gaskets.

Hope that helps

Put in a new plug first, but it sounds like the jets are clogged, thourouhly clean the carby out and make sure you can see thru them, the jets that is.

CDI box maybe?

First off....Welcome to TT... :thumbsup:

Clean the carb..use air and a cleaner on the jets..

Also you might want to check the petcock assembly in the tank to make sure the screen is clean..... :applause:

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