No lights working, bike runs

BD quick release kit that was on it when I got it. Is there a main fuse on these setups?

Short answer is "yes", longer answer is "I do not know where it is". I am looking at the wiring schematic for the BD "Standard Kit Configuration" and it shows one.

If you want the schematic file (in pdf format) send me a PM with your email addy and I'll shoot it over.

Yes, there's a 15 amp fuse under the seat. This might be the problem. Also check all the connections under the seat. They are susceptible to loosening. Check the connections from the battery as well as the two yellow wires coming off the regulator. The two yellow wires connect directly to your stator. Also ensure that the ground wires are secure. If that doesn't work its time to check all connections begind the headlight. There are several. If the connectors are loose, just lightly crimp the female ends with a pair of pliers & re-insert the male ends. A little di-electric grease prevents corrosions & dust infiltration. I had a problem with having a low battery as well. If you have the stock stator in place and the battery is low you may not have enough power at idle to even run the blinkers. You really need to upgrade your stator if you plan to run on public roads very much. I rewound mine myself. Now all my components run without depending on the battery at all. Did it for around $25. Or just buy one already done. Good luck!

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