Make your own AIS removal kit!

If you are really bored and also a really big penny pincher like me than do yourself a favor and go the local hardware store and make your own AIS removal kit. Buy small hose clamp, a regular plumbing copper end cap, I believe 1/2 inch and save the original gasket that was on the exhaust port side of the AIS tube. Take the copper end cap and cut 4 slits in it about 3/4 the way down. Cutting the slits will help the gasket fit snug into the cap and also help ensure the hose clamp collapses the cap firmly onto the gasket. Then while at the hardware store find some rubber caps for the other unsealed holes. My hardware store happen to have the right size!! You may not have the same luck. Be sure to warm your bike up on the stand for a while and then let cool and tighten the hose clamp again on the exhaust port cap being careful not to strip the clamp like I did the first time. :applause: So buy a couple of clamps!!! Cost= 6 bucks and a trip into town. :thumbsup: Then use your extra $ to buy the JD jet kit.


Any chance of seeing some pictures please ?

I disabled my AIS (06 WR450) by cutting the hose from the exhaust pipe to the AIS valve (about midway along the hose section), inserting about 3 inches of threaded rod into the now cut hose and put some jubilee clips around the hose holding the threaded rod in place inside the hose. The small hose from the carb outlet to the AIS valve was removed from the valve end and blocked with a small bolt and clamped in place.


I will try to get some pics next week, but I'm pretty computer illiterate! :thumbsup:

I own a machine shop and it's still easier and cheaper (time is $) to buy one already made. They did a fine job on them but if $ is tight and you have the time make your own

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