XR650R Idle questions

First off, thanks to everyone here for talking me into buying a 2001 XR650R (Ca plated). This is the best place for info around.

Question, I changed the exhaust tip from what the previous owner had on it to the factory one that he also gave me. He said start the bike with the choke on. First the bike won't start with the choke, it will start with out it. When I do start it, I have to give it a little gas or it dies (can't let go). Second, about fifty percent of the time it dies as I come to a stop.

Any ideas where I should start? Would changing the tip require adjusting the carb? Should it start with no throttle? The idle seems to bounce sometimes. Sometimes idles way high, then cuts to lower and practically dies. Is this simply and idle screw question or does it sound like more?

If running correctly, should it start with choke, no throttle, warm up, choke off, smooth idle (still with no throttle), never die at stop signs, right?

Thanks for any suggestions.....

If you want it to run right it needs to be uncorked and jetted correctly otherwise all bets are off, search some threads on uncorking and verify what's been done or not done, it will have more power, run cooler and start and run much better, the stock exhaust tip in no good.

Thx, I am still have not gone through it but I am pretty sure it has been uncorked.

Quick question: Will just changing the exhaust tip require everything to be re-adjusted? That big of an effect on the engine?

The answer is yes, it makes a big difference. Are you trying to make it stock?

No not stock, but its been a while since I had a bike so still getting my feet wet while riding around the neighborhood. Figured the quieter the better on my neighbors (I get home from work late at night). Eventually will get back to hitting the trails.

It just seems to idle a little strange, sometimes to high, then to low and dies.

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