06 yz450 first ride

Rode my 450 for the first time today.Had a 03 Cr250 prior and all I can say is wow.I cant believe the suspension and how well it corners.I rode a 06 CRF450 and in my opinion their is no comparison the yammie is way smoother.On the downside is the rear tire is already beat up and so is the plastic,but I knew that about the Yamaha plastic before purchasing.To sum it up i LOVE MY NEW YAMAHA. P.S. The chain is horrible

if its a stock chain they strech out really easy

Have fun on the new bike :thumbsup:

I race vintage and post vintage mx on a couple of old Maico's and I'm in the market for a new 06, 450 to put in track time on so I don't wear out my vintage bikes as fast, certain parts are getting hard to find.

I found a dealership in Jackson Tennessee that has 06's for $4935 OTD. Of course I'll have to get it shipped to WA state but I should still be able to save $600-700 even with shipping. Anyone in that area ever dealt with Outdoor Sports?


if its a stock chain they strech out really easy

Have fun on the new bike :thumbsup:

I didn't even ride the bike once with the stock chain. It is kept as a spare. An X-ring went on before the bike hit the dirt. Worth every cent in that it lasts and doesn't wear out the sprockets..

A heat gun will get the white stress marks off the plastic, just make sure not to melt the plastic!

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