bottom link question

This is off my mates wr200 (yes i know this is 400-450 area but i can guage the value of feedback from users here as i'm familiar with their input)

it's his first bike and got it a couple of months ago and we noticed this had slop in it.

top little bike though

can you give me some guidance as to how to get this bush out?

it is slogged out and only appears to be a rubber bush

but on schematic it shows it is a bearing ( obviously buggered if it's a bearing as it has about 5-7 mm slop in bottom shock link)

BEARING 93399-99935-00

does this need to be pressed out and then new one pressed in?

also if any of you have owned a 92-93 wr200rd can you pm me with any tips hints etc


I believe there are two collars that you can knock out with a screw driver. They are split right in the middle. So stick a regular screw driver in towards the middle and at an angle and you should feel where the two pieces meet. The rubber around the outside is justa seal that will most likely come out with the collars. They inside is the actual bearing. This is pressed in, but you can lightly heat the aluminum and get a socket the same size as the outside of the bearing and knock it out. Make sure you replace the bearing, seals, and the collars, as all of these add up to the slop you are feeling in the shock, not just the bearing. And make sure you press in the new bearing and not hit it in. And one more thing, check to make sure there are no snap rings holding the bearing in.

Sorry, a little wordy, but hope this helps.

thanks for that

dont apologise for being too wordy, it's whats needed to be said.

the parts you describe are exactly the same as the parts diagram, but we are starting to thing someone has put in a DIY one, we cant see any sign of bearings etc just a peice of solid black rubber and a sleeve through the rubber.

were hoping it hasnt effected the arm. thanks for your input.

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