Leaded gas???

I've added tetra ethyl lead to my premium unleaded fuel for yrs, not for octane increase but for valve train longevity. Lead was removed because of catalytic converters in autos. lead cushions and lubricates the valves, autos had to add stelite (spelling) valves when the lead was removed. I buy my lead additive from an antique car catalog by the qt. and add 4 oz to 5 gal. also boosts octane a couple of points. my feeling is that unleaded fuel, especially with ethanol is very hard on valves, the ethanol is corrosive and very dry. These are just my observations, I'm a auto mechanic not an engineer, but I have not had a valve problem. Mike

good to see a Mike Dean post! :thumbsup:

I'll second that.

The original coil on cap guru.

I'll add my 2 cents on the leaded fuel subject.

I've ran it for 3+ years now. I use Citgo 110 leaded race fuel. I use it for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is it keeps my 13.5:1 compression motor from pinging. The rest of the reasons are important too.... leaded fuel is 100 times easier to dial the jetting in with, leaded race fuel is the same fuel everytime I buy it, leaded fuel keeps the engine extremely clean inside (I freshen it up once a year and there is never a build up on the valves or piston), and I love the way leaded fuel smells. :thumbsup:

I have VP C-12 available to me by the gallon at a local service station. The bottom line I guess is that in TT members opinions "Will leaded fuel harm my 2006 YZ450F"? I wanna use nothing but the quality stuff in my new bike. Thanks for your advice in advance.

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