I have beeen running straight premium unleaded.The last time I filled up I used regular unleaded by mistake will I be ok. Does anyone use octane boost or anything like that. Also I have the stock sprockets on and Im thinking of change but unsuksre of the right changes to make.

thank you

You will be ok running regular once in a while, as long as it is not detonating.

Detonation really sounds like marbles in the top end.

As for sprockets, that is completely up to you. Do you think gearing is too high or too low? Are you riding your bike on the road frequently? Is your bike completely stock or modified? BTW, the stock gearing (14/50) is actually pretty good for everything!

I've tried the regular stuff before but the bike runs shitty so just fill up with premium next time and get some of that 0-60 octane booster in the bright cool lookin plastic jug. I get it at auto zone.......my opinion on the sprocket...keep it stock...its geared right for the transmission and brings good power and mileage...all you will probly do by changing is move the power band around to a LITTLE different speeds depending on which way you go. Although I have heard and it makes sense if you change to a bigger front sprocket ( requiring a change in rear to more teeth ) you will gain power by reducing friction in your chain. :thumbsup:

I've run my WR on unleaded regular several times when that was all that was available. The bike has suffered no ill effects. I ran it on 100 octane unleaded one time as well. It seemed to run better but it was probably psychological justification for paying $6 a gallon for gasoline. VP makes some unleaded race fuel I'd like to try sometime too.

The countershaft sprocket is the same as the old TT/XT 500 Yamahas so they are plentiful and cheap. The rear sprocket also fits a bunch of Yamahas but I have forgotten the exact interchange. I like the steel Sunstar or JT sprockets best for longevity. The stock chain is unbeatable albeit expensive. I'll probably buy a Moose or another cheapie with a high tensile strength rating though.

Good Luck! That VP fuel is 13 bucks a gallon around here. But it is oxygenated...you WILL feel the difference! Good stuff, just too damn expensive for me, as I don't ride competitively anymore.

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