back brake sticking

Hi I went trail riding the other day, one of my first real rides with the WR400. We were riding in some pretty cold weather in and around the snow line. At one point I hit my back bread fairly hard and it actually landed up sticking for about 3 seconds. Any ideas on what I should be looking for? It only did it the one time but I have to admit it did freak me out a little.

Sometimes slush & snow get in places they shouldnt and turn to ice. Ice is a pretty good at resisting being squashed when its in tight places. Maybe you had an associated problem.

Check the pins that hold the brake pads for grooves. This will cause intermittent problems like you had. The grooves can be removed with a file or grinder to get you going.

Also check the caliper mounts. The caliper needs to be able to move freely from side to side. Take them apart and lubricate them. The brake pedal pivot also needs regular service.

You mentioned snow, so it is possible that something froze up. Unlikely, but possible.

Sounds like the brake shoes are sticking on the guide pin, Disassemble, clean the pin with a piece of steel wool or other mild abrasive. Lube the pin (Lightly) with a waterproof grease (Just slick NO globs), or you can use what I use (Slick 50 Lube spray) Works great lasts long time, that PTFE is good stuff. Also check your pads and rotor for unusual wear.

You should be fine.... Good Luck

Bonzai :)

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