Gearing/Sprocket sizes?

I seem to be running out of gears. I am continuously in 4th & 5th.

What are the most common sprocket size combos to upgrade to on a 06 wr450 for more at the top? Will there be any issues with chain slap, suspension travel etc or any other disadvantages?

If I change the sprocket sizes do I have to change the chain as well? Are all dirt bike sprocket bolt patterns and chains the same?

Your feedback will be appreciated.


boer :thumbsup:

Man my '05 is a 14/50. I have a 45 tooth for the rear which changes the ratio from 3.57:1 to 3.21:1. The thing it really doesn't bring me back out of the top gears. May bring the revs down a bit but not really noticably. Problem for me was the git-up-and go kinda went away with the 45'er. Didn't disappear but I like to be able to romp on it and move. Being used to the 50 didn't help me cuz that was sorta my benchmark. Best thing I can tell you is keep her stock and appreciate those lower gears in the woods :thumbsup:

BTW the chain slapped so I got a masterlink repair kit for it and shortened it that way.

I think a nice overdrive 6th gear with same sprockets would be awesome for us, Please yamaha, maybe next year??

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