What happened to the "Big Wheels"?

The clutch perch wires are probably to keep you from starting the bike while in gear and the clutch out.

You need feeler guages and a wrench and the specs for the valves.TIming should be givien in the manual on how to set it.usually its with the dots lined up on the timing chain and then you can time it using a lite.Some aftermarket make aftermarket plates/advancers that replace the fixed timing plate.good luck.

Thanks for all your help (Everyone)...

Moving on - bike is running pretty good - got to ride it a bit the other day - now I am back to the "TIRE" - its got a 22x11x9" whooly-booger. Stock size is 23x11x9 - which is a rare size. I am looking for some suggestions - when searching I keep coming up with the Dunlop KT 647 - which would be great but I can't locate a dealer, they seem to be discontinues (like everything else on this bike). Anyone know where to purchase one?

Thanks again for your help.

I made a Yamaha 450cc Big Wheel. Its actually just a bolt on kit that takes about 30 mins to go back and forth from factory to big wheel mod. any questions usmcjordan@yahoo.com


very impressive, i may be interested in something like that soon, depending on the price and if it will fit a 03 wr250f. i am in the process of finding a old big wheel, but if i can get something like what you have going on i would rather have that, i may give you a shout if you are still fooling with the kits.:thumbsup:

I finally got my big wheel back w a new 25-12-9 cheng ching dimple knobby on da back,new sprockets,just need a chain guard and a new lighting coil.If I get the ambition and money next season maybe Ill drop a set of works shocks on the back end.I wonder how much it would cost me to turn my aprilia rxv 450 into 1 of these big wheels:D

Wow, I had never even heard of these bikes before. I love the idea of a twin engine. My website has the cost of a new design and build, but I would need the bike physically at my shop.


That's pretty cool. Best of luck with the business.

Mind if I ask why you're selling yours?

You'll find Big Wheels parked next to Honda TLR200's.

Nice bikes, but really fits a nitch market.

Not the volumes that Honda and Yamaha a like to support.

Shhh if the guys at af 1 find out about me wanting to turn my aprilia into a big wheel Ill probably get banned and excommunicated from the site:D

I found my new favorite place to ride...



I am selling my BW200 Runs great new chains and sprockets battery brakes all around. everything is in good shape. Some normal scratches on plastic but nothing broke or torn.



This is my CL ad I can email more pics if need be.


Here are some pics of my big wheel



Only thing my bw is missing is the outter chain guard,they want alot of money for it,.I cant wait to get it back out of the shop so I can bounce around on it.I eventually will redo the suspension,and get a new lighting coil for it bit will ride it for now way it is.

i used to have a bw 80 when i first tried riding. i was a bit big for it but one of my buddies was selling it for $350, so i got him to give me it for 300... that thing was freaking loads of fun, the suspension was so bouncy on that thing i could literaly bunny hop it :banana: i rode the crap out of that thing until one day the air filter fell of while i was out ripping and it sucked a shitload of dust in through the carb... luckily it didnt blow up intil i was at the end of my driveway :bonk: thats when i finally noticed i was replaicing my air with sand. unloaded it to some guy who restored it... saw it infront of his shop about two weeks later, maaannn that thing looked like a beauty, he really made it sparkle. thumbs up to him i love seeing junk (especially my old junk) brought back to its origional state :smirk:

Best tire

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