Almost bought a YZ450, but...

I decided to get a YZ250 2 stroke instead. I ride track once a week and trail once a week here in Utah(desert, high alpine, etc.) I really tried to like the 450 and rode my buddies 2006 YZ450 quite a bit both on track and in the desert. What it boiled down to for me was the weight. I used to have a YZ426 and went back to the 2 stroke because it was such a pig. The 06 450 was much better than my 01 was, but after spending some time on my other buddies 2006 yz250 2-stroke I made the decision. I've gotta say after riding my friends 06 2-stroke I was SO impressed with the suspension and handling. Power wasn't the greatest but it was FUN.

However, one of the faster motocross racers in Utah just finally switched from his 2-stroke to a 07 Yamaha 450. He works at a shop that sells Yamaha and Kawi and after riding the 06 450 he decided to pull the trigger.

We're lucky to have the options we do.

Oh, and I paid $5450 OTD with the 12 mos. same as cash financing. I'll pay it off in less than a year and there will be no finance charges. There were some 2006 YZ250's on cycletrader for $4499. By the time I paid for shipping it was going to be $5475 so my local dealer beat them to get my business. Good prices!

Im going to switch from a KTM300 to YZF450 ( 06 or 07 depends on the deal)

I love 2 strokes but wanna try the 4 stroke power... Im looking for a nice deal, any of you guys know were can I find good prices on 06 and 07`s??

Here on thumpertalk have good prices, any info str8liner from your dealer?? The bike its going to be shipped to TX....

Thanks, and hope the change to blue (or yellow or even white! lol ) will be good


We all ride for fun right? The YZ250 is one of the funnest bikes I have ever ridden.

Now...before you thumper guys dog pile me, the new YZ450 fun too. Funny that people dog two-strokes but the closer the thumpers get to feeling like a 2-stroke the better they are.... :thumbsup::applause:

Funny that people dog two-strokes but the closer the thumpers get to feeling like a 2-stroke the better they are.... :thumbsup::applause:
Well, now, Satch, "light", "low CG", and "centralized mass" are good qualities, no matter how many strokes there are. Two strokes inherited them accidentally out of pure luck. It took years to get a two-stroke engine to the point where it was reliable, powerful, and usable, and all those things were counter to their early nature, at least all together at the same time in one engine. And just as that took time, it has taken a long time to get a four-stroke to be light and nimble, which is unnatural for an engine with all those parts in it.

So it's like a pendulum. From 4-strokes to 2-strokes, and back again. Now that they're both light and agile, the thing that separates them, IMO, is the wide flat torque curve you get with a 4-stroke. That's a game breaker.

But, I have to say, the YZ250 is one of the very best 2-strokes I've ever been on. We almost bought one for my son. If the '06 hadn't come along, we would have. I can't afford to own any 450 except a Yamaha.

when i bought my 06 yz450, i had never even put a leg over a 4 stroke before, and i was actually amazed at how much i could ride it just like my yz250. it seemed to have all the good things about a 2 stroke and all the new kick ass 4 stroke things. i love this bike. as a first time 4 stroke owner i don't see myself going back unless the 2 strokes change a bunch.

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