Bill, you, or anyone else, planning on the poker run Sunday at Rocky Creek?

I had a couple of folks call me on the way to work this morning asking about Kentuck on Saturday...I'm pretty open for either day, but the wife will only put up with one or the other until I get the new room finished.

Who will be going on Sunday?

Bonzai :)

There are a few of us going. Probably 6 all together.

I can't look at your forks at Kentuck.

OK..OK..OK.... I'M In for Sunday....What Time, were are we going to park....Who's leading this motley crew?

Bonzai :)

I'm open for suggestions. I need to get home by about 4:30, so I'd like to get a relatively early start. Say, meet there about 10:30 or 11:00? Park about where you did the first time we went, when Steve was there. Under the big tree across from the pond.

How far past Barnesville is it? About 11 miles?

damn, I wish I could join you both, but fishin in La. this weekend!

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