How Much Metal in Oil filter 01 426

This bike Had orignal tires,and the grips were orignal when I bought it. The owner said It had 10 hours.I beileve the oil was changed before I got it, by looking at the drain plugs, but no sign they changed the filter.I have put less than 10 hours on this bike...

I changed the oil and filter and there was a good amount of metal shavings in the filter.There was also some clutch material. I changed the oil ran it for 10 mins and then pulled the filter and changed the oil again...Filter looked godd and oil was clean.

How much material in the filter is normal? Should you be able to see stuff in the filter when you remove it??

Maybe I had the stock filter and had Material from break in??

Normal because the tranny and clutch share the oil ???

The motor sounds pretty good, no knocks, runs strong, not smoke????


small particles and shavings are perfectly normal. The more often you change the oil....the fewer you see. I was very paranoid when I had my thumper and changed the oil ever other ride and cleaned the filter every other oil change.

More metal will be found in a YZF oil filter for the exact reason you suggested; the trans lives in the same oil. If indeed it is a low hour bike, there will be even more than usual. The trans will stop shedding iron fairly soon, as long as you shift cleanly (I don't mean delicately, just cleanly), but the aluminum is mostly from the clutch basket and plates, and most of that from the basket. That will also be reduced over time, but it will be there pretty much every time you pull the filter as long as you use the stock basket. They aren't "bad", necessarily, but the Hinsons and other aftermarket parts are much harder, and won't shed like that.

Change the oil frequently, and either change or clean the filter each change. Every three rides is usually good enough for recreational riders.

I recommend Scotts oil filters. They are permanent, reusable stainless steel filters that match or beat performance of the best paper filters, and they fit all YZF's.

Oh yeah I forgot about the clutch basket.... I have installed those Hinson ones on my friend race bike before... I work the clutch pretty hard... I 250 and ride mix track trail.....Just went up 2 teeth on the rear sprocket that should help me stay off the clutch some.

THANKS I feel better...I almost cried when I pulled that filter :thumbsup:

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