Any XR650R riders have experience with KX500 desert racing setup?

I figured I'd check in here as well as the KX 2-stroke forum as I know there are several racers who converted from KX500's to XR650R's for racing. Anyway, I have a friend that just picked up a KX 500 for desert racing and wanted to set it up properly. Does anyone have experience with setting up this bike (tips, tricks, bolt-ons specific to the bike, etc) that they could empart? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I had great success with Acme suspension on my KX500. Very plush. The ProCircuit works kitted suspension was very good, but big $$. I like the ZipTy fuel tank/Kx250 shroud combo, with Ty's pipe as well. Throw on a damper, better footpegs, chain/sprockets (gear up to mellow the bike) and you're good to go. For some more $$ balance the crank assembly.

i had a KX500 for a short time. All the research I did pointed out that serious work has to be done to a stocker to get it to run well. it was fun but i only rode it a few times and sold it to make some money on it. weight of it was very nice. have a linear powerband in that weight range could be really really fun. but i'm hooked on my 650R. tell you friend to sell it and buy a 650R if he wants to race and win on a budget.

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