Early 90's XR600R parts where to find?

Hey all,

I just got me another nice project bike to work on. Problem is, I am finding it hard to get parts for an XR600R around town. I am kinda new to the bike scene when it comes to building one up, I have tons of 3 wheelers I have built from ground up but no bikes. I usually get them ready to roll. Question I have, is do you think its worth building an XR600r? Or should I just cut my losses and part it out? Where could a find a complete engine that isnt going to kill a build up budget? What parts could I used from other bikes older or newer that would work? I wouldnt mind getting this sucker going to really have fun in the woods with. Sorry for all the questions but just trying to get a feel on what I should do.

Parts I need:

engine or top end

front brake system

rear brake system

complete electrical



If you do a search on this site, you will find some posts with links to dealers that sell XR parts. for the early 90's engine, anything from 88 to 2000 should drop into your frame. Older then that and you will have to run the dual carb set up. E-bay is a good place to start looking for parts, although most of what I have seen is for older bikes (88 and older) or are wear parts (such as kick starters, gears, other parts that I would prefer to buy new).

Is the bike worth fixing? That would be up to you. An early 90's XR 600 in CA goes for around $1,500 (no plate), so depending on the worth of the bike in your area that could be a good starting place to determine a spending limit. If you do fix it up and ride it, you will find that the maintenance required for the XR is less then for a KTM and the bike will have alot of torque compared to your KTM. I have both a KTM and a 93 XR and prefer the XR in open riding areas and for dual sporting. It's a good bike.

Finding an entire engine will be tough, but not impossible. They do show up on ebay from time to time. A top end would be easier to come by. What is the state of the old one. Was it catastrophic failure, or somewhat less?

What's up with the brakes? I see the calipers in you photos. I've managed to salvage some pretty awful looking brake parts before. Try giving everything a real good cleaning. As long as there is not pitting from corrosion on the bores, you can usually get them working again.

There isn't much of an electrical system on a XR600, what's wrong or missing?

A good plan is to write down what you know is missing or broken and how much it will cost to fix. If the total is more than $1000 or so, I'd say part it out on ebay. I say $1000, because the actual total will be more. There is always something hiding that you don't see at first. If you part it, strip the engine completely down to the cases. You might be surprised on how much you get for the parts. Most everything on the bike will sell.

Well the reason I was saying wiring harness is due to wires were just here and there and I dont see a plug in the CDI unit. So I was assuming that getting the entire harness would make sure I got all plugs. The calipers are there on the brakes but the lines are toast. It has the bottom end of the motor and thats all it came with. So I have no earthly idea what happened to the top end. I do know it couldnt have been long that it was off cuz there is barely surface rust on the bottom end. The gears seem to shift freely but the piston has alittle movement in it. I am going to strip it down to the frame and clean it from there. I figured I do piece by piece it might actually get finished next year haha.

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