WR Sparkplug Confusion

How do you get the electrical fitting out that covers the sparkplug on a 2005 WR450.Its my first 4 stroke and I dont want to break it.

That's the coil, it's part of the spark plug boot...just pull up firmly, it'll come off.

Carefully slip the SIDE (not tip) of a medium size flat blade screw driver between lip of boot and valve cover on one side. Don't pry up off valve cover (you'll mar the valve cover) but lift while pressing inward and up with your fingers on the other side of the boot. Press inward and up with the screw driver also. Don't slip off with the screw driver. It'll start up.

I never tired this (yet) and I read it here a while back so don't flame me too bad if I'm off.

The weep hole on the right of the engine is to allow fluid to drain from around the spark plug if some gets in. Use a air gun attachment (rubber tip) and blow air thru the hole while pulling the boot.

Like I said, never tried it but if the port is connected its not much different then installing grips with a air gun.

Using an air compressor to blow air into the drain or weep hole works well. Pull up on the coil/spark plug cover while blowing compressed air into the hole. After you get the cover out, spray a light coat of silicone on it to make the process easier in the future.


Thanks guys that should make things easier.

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