I'm at a loss, if pump gas is no good what alternatives do we have?????

IMO - This is a VERY serious issue.

Using race fuel and draining the carb after every ride doesn't sound like a good solution either...

1) where do I get race fuel while riding around town.

2) what the F would that cost if I did find it.

I assume street bikes are going to have the same issues, so &%$#@! is the industry doing???


Here`s the goods , a friend of mine bought an 06 YZF 250 and has only run av gas [aviation fuel ] since new [nothing else ].Not long ago Yamaha had a recall on the 06 YZF 250 [VALVE ISSUSES] so they replaced em for free ,anyway he told the dealer what he was doing . The mehanic said his motor was the cleanest one he had seen , no residue in the carb or the piston top and the exhaust has no residue either . Now I`ve ridden a number of times with buddy and who could love the smell of av gas in the morning .

Some guys mix a cocktail , or run race gas or what ever but one thing is for sure airplanes need good quality fuel period . Crashing on a bike because it hicupped could be deadly but in an airplane , need I say more !!!

Take it for what you will but I`m switching . Oh ya it just a few pennys more as well . :thumbsup:

A small bike shop owner operator in the southern interior of B.C. :applause:

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