Suspension tuning?

I have been reading postings about weight and the WR 426.

I am between 220 and 235, Holidays ya know!


Anyway I ride with a stock suspension now.

I don't race but I do get after it on the trail and hills, which I bottom out occationly with this activity.

I would appreciate a little insite

Suspension tuning is new to me.

What can I do to make the suspension better work for me.

The cheap way or the right way?



PS - My WR426 feels alot lighter than my XR650l, so I feel more comfortable and aggressive on the 426

Well you definately need a stiffer shock spring. I weigh 165 and the stock 5.0 is perfect for my size (per RaceTech). I went down to .43 spring in the forks from the stock .46. Again per RaceTech. I also went with their valving.

You can go to their website at and input all your information and they will return some settings for you, including spring rates and clicker settings.

Raising the oil level in the forks will help reduce/eliminate the bottoming. Add 10ccs at a time per leg with an infant medicine syringe through the air bleed screw hole. You may have to add 20ccs or even 30ccs per leg.

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