XR650R vs WR450

How would these 2 bikes compare, in power, performance, reliability, longevity etc :thumbsup:

Anybody riden both?

2 VERY dfrent bikes!!! "apples to ornages"

i have ridden both lots!!!

power--- equal

performance---wr wins {way lighter, revs up better}


longevity---xr would take that {just barley}

I too have driven both, I agree with the above, however in the reving department, the wr hits way faster with less delay and can wheelie better because of that, feels more lively and the wr feels lighter, and mine (modded) is quicker then the xr but not for top end speed...

I have had both and I agree.

The XR is like a plush Cadillac and the WR is like a Corvette!

I have a XR600 and it drives like a Semi-Truck compared to my svelte WR, but you can put a lot of miles on that Semi. They don't call them Big Pig's for nothing.

That's really an interesting question. Four months ago I was headed to the dealer to purchase a XR650 - all set - and while I was sitting on the XR650 I looked over at the WR450's and in the time it took me to get off the 650 I was making a deal on the WR450.

The XR650 is a great bike - no doubt about that. The WR450 is a such a serious dirt bike and is so cool I gave up any idea about the Honda.

In the forest where I live the WR450 is very agile and has tons of power. I've got so I can steer by just pushing down on either foot peg. It's that balanced.

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