87 Xr600r Running Problem And Hard Starting

HI everybody, new to this site, I just picked up a 1987 XR600R and it is very hard to start, when I finally do get it started, it runs pretty rough, it backfires a lot on deceleration whether I'm riding it or just revving it. It seems to have pretty good power if I roll on the throttle, but if I try to accelerate hard, it bogs and hesitates. Any suggestions or starting point to fix these problems?

I also noticed quite a bit of oil leaking out of the bottom of the motor (somewhere near or behind the front sprocket) when the engine is running, any help would be greatly appreciated.

welcome to tt.i think the first thing you should check would be valve adjustment that makes them hard to start and run bad or it might just be a bad plug. the backfiring on decellartion could possibly be an exhaust leak.if it has sat for along time the carbs may have to be cleaned.the oil leak behind the rear sprocket is more than likely the seal .the counter shaft is pressure fed with oil so if the seal goes you get quite abit of oil leaking out from behind the sprocket.also i've heard of alot of those having the stator go bad in the magneto and that will cause a poor running condition.

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