fuel screw o ring

Just broke the o ring on the fuel screw. Was rejetting and could not get the screw back in. Got the pieces out with a dental pick. Yamaha does not sell just the o ring. Where can you get one.

Thanks Jay

I got mine at the dealer. It was an aftermarket thing that had the o-ring and spring, might have even had the screw, but that Im doubting cause it was about $5.

Got on a new one and some extras at my dealer. 5 buck each.

the suzuki RMZ450 uses the same carb. you can buy the o-rings seperately. they should be less than $2 each.

Sorry to take so long on the thanks. I knew somebody would have the answer.



might also try sudco.com they have all the parts individually. the only catch being that you have to spend $15 min before they can ship it. Get spares and washers, etc. and you can build a nice storage in case it happens again.

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