will a yzf carb fit on a 03 WR 450

I have an 03 WR450 that has developed a major bogging problem. I have taken this bike to several mechanics none of which could figure out why it is bogging. So I am at the point of just replacing the whole carb. I have been looking on Ebay with no luck. does anybody know what other years/ models will work on my bike?

Any WRF/YZF 4xx carb will fit on any other WRF/YZF 4xx.

But that is a drastic measure. Before I did that, I'd find out the stock carb specs for your bike and return all the jetting to stock. Including the leak jet and the accelerator pump timing adjustment. Clean it out real well first and then do the jets. My guess is that the jetting is so far out of whack that no amount of simple tweaking is going to fix it.

One word - Edelbrock = no jetting

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