Oil on my exhaust???

Oil is spewing out of the hole above where the exhaust header bolts onto the head. What's going on? It's making a stinky mess landing on the hot header and my right side radiator. It's a '04 wr450. Also never noticed before but hot gas is blowing out the hole as well? Any ideas?

OK, it's the decomp plug blown out I guess. The bike still has lot's of oil in it. Could anything else of got damaged in the engine?

Also is there a quick temp. fix so I can ride tomorrow?

that has been talk about a lot. I hate to refer you to go search, but mine wont have that prob, so i didnt pay too much attention to the fix. But it is in here somewhere.

Yes, I found the info I needed in a search. Just want to know if any damage would of been caused?

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