Grey Wire??

Ok.. What's the deal with this grey wire everyone is talking about on the WR? And what's the advantage to removing it?


The grey wire is an emissions circuit, by eliminating it, you change the timing of the spark to create more snap, and a few more fumes. TRY IT!! You'll like it!

its under the tank, strapped to the frame. :)

Does it require any jetting changes?

Mine didn't. It did perk up the mid range a bit though.


I have the picture if you want it?



I noticed that you don't live too far from me. If you like, drag your bike over and we'll pull your wire and install YZF throttle stop. You will be amazed :) and thats only the tip of the iceberg. There is a small area by my house you can try mods out.

where is this elusive grey wire...? hehehe... i guess its better if someone will post a pic... sorry but i am kindda new to the Yamaha... thanks

Paul Azcona


1998 WR400F

1995 KLX 307 Stroker

1998 Virago 1100

1999 HD XLH 883

The Grey wire resides in the only 2 Wire connector in the wire bundle under the right side of the tank. Cut it, seal it, ROOST IT!


Bonzai :)

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