Question about wr426 at sand Mtn

I just got a wr 02 426 and i go to sand Mtn Nevada alot.

My previous bike was a wr250f and I liked it but not enough

power for the dunes

My question is can anyone tell me if their wr426 or similar bike

can pull 4th up the main race hill my wr250f could only pull 3rd

i was still able to beat most stock quads, i only wiegh 140lbs

02 wr426

white bro's pipe

power now valve

grey wire cut

airbox lid is off

My 450 pulls 4th up that hill, I do shift to 3rd right at the top.

how much do you wiegh and what is the gearing ??


When my 05 450 was bone stock, except for 10 paddle tire and 13/49 gearing, I could pull 4th and then downshift to 3 at the top. I used to weigh 190. Now that I lost ten pounds, put the yfz450 quad's exhaust cam in, and a full drd exhaust and became a much better rider, I bet I can pull 4th the whole way.

were either of your bikes jetted for sand mtn elevation??

would it make a difference??

Yes, my bike was fairly close to be jetted right. Jetting makes all the difference in the world.

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