Off-Idle Hesitation

Well amigos, I checked over 200 posts regarding the off-idle hesitation –a lot of good info which I have been using without much success.

Bike setup info:

1. YZ timed

2. Stock exhaust with Vortip

3. Dual stage filter (just cleaned), air box lid removed

4. Gray wire cut

5. Carburetor cleaned

6. Accelerator pump cleaned (it was a mess) but I used carb. Cleaner!! The diaphragm looks OK.

7. New plug

8. 172 main

9. 45 pilot

10. YZ needle in 4th clip (OBDVR)

11. fuel screw at 1 ¼ ----- I have been mocking with different openings but not much change

12. Bike starts first kick


1. Hesitation off idle ---- zero to 1/8 throttle open (while the bike is in natural)

2. When I start moving, the bike dies, have to keep the revs high

Everything else is OK past this point


1. It runs better with the choke on --- so I am assuming it is lean on the pilot jet side???

2. I tried #48 pilot but it seems too rich

3. the plug electrode is on the light gray side


1. common sense dictates that the bike is running lean on the pilot circuit

BUT………….since there are many other factors involved with the WR carburetor such as the accelerator pump, TPS etc. and this is not a user friendly bike for Carb maintenance I don’t want to tear everything apart with every change. I have had the damn thing apart 20 times so far and given the fact that I am one those neurotic/anal individuals, I have to sell the bike since it has been touched sooooo many times!!!

Any help will be appreciated

It is a 99. not sure about the PAJ, since i have not changed it it is stock.

I just changed the pilot to #48 and still have the same problem. it seems changing the fuel screw setting does not change anything at all


go back to your 45PJ.

try lifting the needle one clip and then two. if you get a mid revs misfire try dropping the MJ back to 168/165 and this will get rid of it.

do all this with the PS out 1.5 turns. ride around doing 5mph in first and try little snap wheelies and see which one gives you the best response. count how many turns ou it is and report back.

you may even go up three clips if you take that MJ down.

test one. lift needle up one. check; what it's like at rolloff rollon at just off flat out and 1/2 throttle acceleration. plus of course your problem area.

if ok

test two. up another with that needle. same checks.

if test three. up a third time. same checks. by now you should have a steady misfire at mid revs. your needle is rich. DON'T DROP IT!

test four. main jet down from 172 to 165. you should be ok at 0-1/8 AND got rid of the 1/2 throttle misfire.

Q? how will your very top end be? we'll worry about that later.



By lifting the needle one clip you mean--- the clip should go to grove # 5?


that's correct. we should all encourage each other to talk about what we do to the needle.

you shouldn't say lower the clip but say lift the needle.

lift the needle once, twice and then possibly three times.


make sure your pilot system is clean. You may have some air filter oil sluge in your pilot air jet/system.

By that, remove both your pilot jet and pilot air jet and give them and what they screw into a blast of compressed air or carby cleaner.

try the #48 and then play with the fuel screw.


What Year model WR?

WR 400 or WR 426 ?

What Size PAJ ?

Carbs are different for year models.

Bonzai :)

You dont mention if your are octopussed or deoctopussed. From my meagre understandings if you are rejetting and find you have 0 effect of turning fuel screw it may be because you are still octopussed. This little treasure (the octopus) is constantly adjusting for rich/lean conditions at low revs sometimes making the fuel screw only slightly effective.

See this post De Octopuss

Well gang, this is what i have done so far:

As recommended by Taffy, changed the pilot back to #45, raised the needle (clip position #5), Fuel screw set at approx. 1 1/2.

While i was at it, I removed the Octopus and the associated PAJ. the dealer did not have the #100 and #65, so they are stock.

The bike starts first kick and it seems that the hesitation is gone and when i blip the trottle, it picksup much faster and seems to run cleaner. Have not had a chance to ride yet and see how it performs.

Thanks for your great advise

The final setup info:

Main jet: 172

Pilot: 45

Fuel Screw: 1 1/2 turns out

Needle: OBDVR raised to 5th clip position

Grey wire cut

Octopus removed, holes plugged but no air jet changes.

[ November 30, 2001: Message edited by: Rocky ]

well done rocky

you're doing well. but be a good chap and see the job through. so few people finish the job and say "yes it is cured/better".

no spare time.

it's on order.

the cats had kittens.

busy at work.

the wife just left.

even worse, she's just come back!!!


Originally posted by Taffy:

the wife just left.

even worse, she's just come back!!!


Now that was good!

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