WR 426 Gearing ????

I have a wr426 and i could only get it to go 79.6mph with gps

in 5th gear pinned

I have a 14 tooth in front and i think a 50 in the rear

Is this right ????

You should get about another 10 mph. :thumbsup:

I got 88.6 MPH on mine. YZ pipe and clean jetting at <1500 feetASL.

g cannon what is your gearing

if its the same as mine im gonna be pissed

It is the same, Stock 14/50. You better do the free mods and get that thing tuned.

the guy that I bought It from said he cut the gray wire

I put a new white bro's pipe on

power now valve

airbox lid is off

auto clutch

runs almost perfect, when i say almost if its idleing and i twist the thottle all the way back fast as humanly possible it wil die but my wr 250 did that too

when riding I search for the imaginary sixth all the time so i did a gps and

I could only get

79.6 mph

I might take the auto clutch off the guy before me put it on, not sure if i like it

You need to check that Grey wire your self. :thumbsup:

I did the BK mod (search for it) it worked great it is however a tedious job but done correctly much cleaner throttle response. The accelerator pump is squirting too much fuel and covering up for poor jetting. after the BK mod you will need to re jet. A different needle may be a good idea. James Dean kits are popular on this forum. The auto clutch is not your problem. It is my understanding that the faster you go the better the auto clutch holds.

BTW when your finished with this work and it is done correctly it will start much better. :applause:

94 on 14/51 on 13/50 i only got 64.5 in the dunes but i still had a bit more throttle to go.. :thumbsup:

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