Michelin Desert - WR 450

Hi there,

Does the Michelin Desert Rear Tire fits on WR-450 ?

The size is 140/80/18.

I´m using 14/45 . :thumbsup:

Thanks everybody.

My WR wears Pirelli MT21 140/80-18.

No problem in fitting the wheel in the swingarm and I reckon there is space for larger tyre, as supermoto they fit 160/60 tyres.

Michelin Desert are larger and higher than MT21 but I guess no problem with them.

Ok Thanks a lot, buddy !!!

I´ll run this weekend in the Desert of Jalapão in the north of Brazil .

Thats the ride !!! :applause::applause:

1400 Km the total range.

46°C and lots of fun. :thumbsup:

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