looking for the best exhaust XR650R

I would really like to have an exhaust that does not wrap around the outside of the front down tube like 90% of the aftermarket exhaust. But rather a more equal length larger diameter following closer to the same path on each side of the engine. I know I'm being picky but I just like the way this looks. The only people who have put this in production have since quit producing that type of exhaust. I was thinking about making it myself but I'm not sure that my welding skills are up to par. I really liked the look of having separate cans on each pipe also but that's not necessary. If nobody knows where to purchased an exhaust like this maybe some suggestions on fabricating my own. like where to purchase pre-bent tubing of the right diameter and thickness to make fabrication a little easier.

you want the remus , the euro exhuast,there should be a thread with picture here on the forum print those and take/send them to stainless works, one of this weekends reruns of trucks on spike the guy gave numbers and location, I think it was in kansas. have them build your dream. to do it right first thing you need is a good tig welder setup for stainless thats the only way to build the pipe your dreaming of. stainless works can either supply you the parts bends and what not, and you can fab, then polish them out or you could let them do it all, probably looking at a grand though if not more. but it would be worth it if you want the only one, just dont make the cans funky like remus did, get a couple of white brothers cans, the tunable ones, I do like the concept and may one day pursue something like that myself. Good luck with it.

304 stainless 1 1/4" id with .060 wall thickness would be my guess, then about a foot out of the head enlarge to 1 1/2, and about a foot before the can go to 1 3/4, maybe incorporate a balance pipe at this point or an X pipe. I hope helped somewhat. let us know what you decide? :thumbsup: I personally would like to see them. :applause::applause:

I think you're probably right on the money enlarging the pipe gradually makes sense looking at some of the better performing pipes out there. I have always wanted a tig welder but don't think that's in the budget right now. I do have a small wire feed welder 220 arc welder and a torch but I have never tried to weld anything but steel. I might have to get some steal and just bend some consistent diameter pipes and run both of them into the stock can. just hate to cut up my stock exhaust because then I am committed at that point.

stock exhaust looks so restrictive and I cannot understand why they would come out of the engine with a nice sized pipe and then immediately reduce it down so far. looks like that would have been more work to build it the way the factory did rather than the way it should have been.

when I first bought this bike a few months ago it was very disappointing stock. Started reading this web site and made all of the modifications. The bike runs pretty good but I would still like to see what kind of potential the stock motor has. I wrecked my 06 CRF450R so I will be riding this bike tell I get the money to buy another radiator handlebars hot start perch and some plastic.

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