01 426 Carb Leaking Fuel

I have a 2001 426 and fuel drips out the the overflow every time I stop the bike. It seems to be fine when the bike is running or when I shut of the fuel. What needs to be replaced?

Thanks for all your help.

Look at the check valve in the gas cap vent hose. It's marked with an arrow that should be pointing toward the cap. If it's there, and pointed the wrong way, flip it around the right way. Otherwise replace it.

Or, are you talking about the carb overflow? If so, your float needle is dirty or worn, or your float could also be soaked (not very likely, though).

Hello, i also ride a yz426f 01 and have the same problem. My float needle was worn, bought a new one and everything was perfect again. Change your oil. It is possible that fuel went trough the carb into the combustion chamber and then over the piston into the oil. Fuel in the oil won´t work out well. My oil was after 2 days of leaking without recognizing really thin.

I used to have the same problem till I started turning the fuel petcock to off and draining all of the fuel out of the carb at the end of a day of riding. Since then, I never have had a problem. Letting the fuel remain in the carb does some ugly, corrosive things!

Also, be sure to use Stabil if you are going to store your bike for any amount of time. Better yet, drain all of the fuel from the tank, lines and carb to avoid problems. Fuel will actually decay the plastic that fuel tanks are made of, if stored over long periods of time.

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