More Changes to come

I've gone through just about every PS setting imaginable to get the air box lid back off my bike. OK Mr. Bill I surrender and am going to change again...Hopefully for the final time. The Bike starts well with Change 1, But Hits the Rev Limiter way to soon in every gear and the SJ is way too rich as well. I want the mixture a little fatter which will hopefully slow down hitting the limiter...that worbolling sound drives me crazy.

START:...........1st Change....Final (For Now)

Main: 168............170...........170

Pilot: 42...............48............45

PAJ: 75...............100..........75

Needle: Stock......EKN #3......EKN #3

PS 1 1/4 turns.....1 1/2...........1 1/4

SJ Stock.............N/C...........65

This should Mirror Bill settings as we are both running the same Exhaust and other setup. we'll see.

Bonzai :)

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Your post caught my eye (and not just because you will be doing ALL the footwork on our SUPER GIANT ORDER for those super trick PS adjusters :) )

when you mentioned hitting the rev limiter too early. My bike, too, hts the rev limiter wicked early. From reading the jet article, my first impression is my main air jet (~#220) is waaay to big. I know the Taffster is using a #160(?).

I am anxious to find out what happens!! Please let us know.

Also, I am in a hurry to get the Kouba PS adjuster, IF YOU DON'T MIND... :D

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I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate messing with my carb. My time on the bike is so limited. But, Kaz you say the bike slammed the rev limiter. Isn't this what we all want? Makes me think I should lean the MJ. The bike seems to pull hard off the bottom and through the mid but, certainly doesn't slam the rev limiter.

Does this main jet make me look fat in these throttle settings :) I know Taffy and JD have recommended leaner MJ's for bikes set up like ours.

Maybe a combination of my pilot, needle and PAJ settings with a leaner MJ..... Like 172 or 170?


I went out an bought a hand full of jets this afternoon so Saturday will be an interesting day.

I'll probably start with changing out the PJ and the SJ and leaving the MJ in place and see how that goes. Most of my annoying loud popping with the air box lid removed was coming down from mid throttle, which makes me think that the main it's self was ok but there isn't enough fuel when it transitions off the main back to the Pilot. The power is clean throughout the band, I just think it's happening too quickly. It feels like I'm hitting the limiter at half throttle.

The only thing that I did not try was raising the needle up to the 4th clip. Mabe I should before I make a bunch of changes. I don't mind working on the carb....but I hate pulling and reinstalling it over and over again. I've got a strand of wire broken loose on the return cable and it constantly tears my hand up. To give JD's settings a fair chance I'll change the SJ raise the needle and do a test test run before I gut the thing.

I'll Track the progress and let you know.

Bonzai :)


I'm almost :) positive that I counted from the top of the needle down when determining the clip position. It sounds like your counting from the bottom?

Of course we did drink a few barley pops after riding all day and while we were changing my bike to YZ timing. Kev, Mcarp, mike, nick any of you guys remember :D

Gonna make it this June, Georgia is no further than NH :D


All I rember, Bill, is having to pull my DSP airbox AGAIN :)


Bill...You're Right... I meant to say drop the clip to #4 and Raise the needle. From the top that is....

My 65 SJ has to come from CA, so it won't be in until next week sometime.....Why does just about everything I need have to come from the left coast?

Glad I don't need it to do the main tuning.....

Bonzai :)

Hey Kaz,

Will you be screwing around with the Main Air Jet at all?


you're running way too rich at the top end and your not hitting the rev limiter your bike is protesting!

try 170MJ. needle on clip 3 then leaner to 2. this will cure your problem.

hell you can just keep dropping the needle until it back pops on high decel.

as for your pilot circuit phew! well i've been there, my sweet lord (halleluleah!)i've been there. i had EXACTLY your jetting right back at the start except i'd taken off the APJ an hour earlier. i even had this top end misfire you took to be the rev limiter.



needle clip 3

then try

clip 2

your 75PAJ should go with a 45PJ.

BTW. i presume your changing the starter jet due to deoctopussing. i don't think it will amke any difference but do let us know. and SJ stands for SLOW jet (PJ to me).

good luck.


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Thanks Taffy....I will try this first in the morning when I wake up my neighbors.

One Question: I have looked all through out my manual for the APJ could you clue me in to exactly where it is?

As you questioned I am changing the Slow jet because of the de-octapus....way to rich on the choke.

I do like your "rip your arms off setting though" That sounds like fun...


Bonzai :)


your APJ is your accelerator pump jet. you know that thing on the right of the carb with the little rod going up and down. that actuates it all in the lower bowels of your carb.

you're not too genned up on this are you?

never mind. we'll get you there.

the missile MAY have some good news soon. he's been following my jetting closely and he's getting a bit excited. so i hope it's all good at the end.

one thing he did and he presumed was ok was to whack the throttle on the paddock stand and when it didn't react he said that the jetting was wrong.

i trust all TT'ers will not make the same error. if an engine has no load, it has no resistance. therefore it needs less fuel.

secondly air weighs less than fuel and therefore reacts quicker than the fuel creating a minute lag. clearly if you now think about it, whacking the throttle stood still gives the fuel NO CHANCE!


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1ST Run: 8am....Woke up all the neighbors...even the Cop across the street.

170 MJ, 50PJ, 100 PAJ, PS 1 1/4 turns, EKN Needle on #2 air box lid removed....Very Very Bad. Popping everywhere, low, Mid and High....Stopped 4 times and adjusted the PS 1/4 turn at a time, all the way to 3 turns...still popping.

2nd Run 8:30 am....Moved needle up to 4th clip. PS back to 2 turns. Wheelies like a madman...big time snap off the bottom, good top, but still decel popping... Going to raise needle to the 5th clip and run again.

3rd run 9 am...Needle on 5th clip is a definite NOGO...Mid-throttle miss, and Full miss...No change in decel popping...Going back to clip #4 up on the main and back to 1 1/4 on the PS....

4th Run..10am.One of my ethnic neighbors about 1/4 mile away called the Law on me so run 4 was cut a little short. Atleast the officer who showed up was a member of the same Harley club I belong to. We sat in the front yard BSing for 10 minutes then he went and told the complaintant to relax. Anyway decel popping still there...And I'm tired of messing with this....I will do one more run today with Taffy's settings.

5th Run 12pm. 170 MJ, 75PJ, 45PJ, 1 1/4 Turns on PS. EKN #3, Still good low end (Not as great at the 50 pilot was) popping is gone for the most part. I only did a half mile run. Wheelies are still ok. This will be it for today, as I want to go riding tomorrow and need to get other things done as well. (Thanks Taffy)

Bonzai :)

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i'm suprised you say that a 50PJ was better?

anyway. if you want to try that clip 5 again you can all you need to do is drop the MJ to 168 or i65. but it might be lean and it might not.

so if you go down on the MJ you can go up on the needle to clip 5. this will in turn have made your pilot circuit richer and will allow you to have that snap back.

so there's no need to go to 50PJ again. the needle taper start will help you.

i've adjusted my little mention on the weight of air/fuel previously mentioned.


2nd Run 8:30 am....Moved needle up to 4th clip. PS back to 2 turns. Wheelies like a madman...big time snap off the bottom, good top, but still decel popping

Bonzai :)

[ December 01, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ][/QB]

What's a little popping, for power like that :D


Went to the poker run yesterday with MXTuner and the boys. I had a little PS adjusting to do when I first got there because of some irritating popping, Once I got that figured out I was OK. Tuner said I was being too picky and my bike was doing fine after he rode it. I guess it was because it really kicked A$$ all day long (Except Tuners), I am usually the mid to back of the pack...yesterday I was behind Tuner and my increased 22 mile lap times reflected my chasing him all day. I ran faster yesterday than I have in years. My WR performed flawlessly. Tuner noticed that my exhaust gasket between the head pipe and the Exhaust. It somehow sucked in about 3/4 of an inch from the original flush position it was mounted in, so I may have an air leak at the joint. I'll replace the $6.00 gasket and we'll see. I should just replace the header with the WB one ....but due to financial obligations it will have to wait a while.

Taffy... Thanks Dude...I am very happy with the way my WR performed yesterday...snap wheelies in 1st 2nd and 3rd....Almost got 4th a couple of times on long straights. I think I'll leave it as is fo a while...except for the SJ... which should be in later this week. You are Da man !

Bonzai :)

So Kaz,

What is your final jet specs?

Damn Bill & Tuner, sounds like I missed a good one! Bill those specs sound I opening. I Might need to experiment on the 426 jetting..Did Lane show up ???

The ride was incredible! Perfect weather, not too much mud or dust, the quads got out of the way fairly quickly, no crashes, went fast.... what more could you realistically ask for?

On my last lap, I got hooked up with some guy on an '02 YZ 250 (two stroke) and we battled for the next 20 miles. It was way too much fun! I got back to the truck with blood on my arms. I don't remember hitting the first tree, but apparently I grazed a few.

Bill was on the gas also. His bike runs *quite* well. When you say Lane, do you mean Lane "no show" Wilson? Umm, no he tried hooking up with Dave at Bremen to get his PC pipe for his 426.

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