Foot pegs for the rear of an XR650R

Like it says

anyone know where I could get these

I have seen them on a couple pics of XR's

Got my BRP on the street and would like to haul the girlfreind around as well as freinds

Thanks for any help

Try Baja Designs. They are expensive but then your girl is worth it? :thumbsup:

Here is a link to Baja Designs:

Baja Designs

They are nice but do yourself a favor and source some stainless bolts for them. My 2003 has always been inside but the stock bolts are rusty as hell. For the price of the pegs they ought to supply stainless.

i have the baja desings ones also.. they are top notch, but like the other guy said replace the bolts. my bike is always inside also and they rusted very quickly

Thanks Guys

Your help is great and the girlfreind is gonna smile


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