Wr450 04/05/06??????

hey guys in the market 2 upgrade from the old 426 to a 450.......just wondering which is the beta bike coz I'm in Australia and there all AROUND the same price and if i have 2 pay a bit more 4 a 06 coz it's a far beta bike then i will...advantages/disadvantages for each bike??? cheers 4 the help....

there aint much an 06 can do that an 04 cannot.

The upgrades were nothing ground breaking.

i would use the money you save for some other upgrades that will make a real difference.


sounds like a pirate name.

Like the man said, suppose the prices are virtually the same. Any significant changes or updates/upgrades in 05 & 06 or do you have to go to 07 with the aluminum frame for a major change?


I have driven 2003 and I have a 2005 WR-450. I wouldn't change bike until there is something with real advantage out. Like EFI or something

Timo McKeown

The '04 hits a little harder than the others and has a higher seat height. The '05 and '06 had a slight frame geometry change, different forks and the power was made slightly more linear. The '06 was given an actual trail computer over the '05's trip meter, it had an unnoticeable change to the rear brake caliper mount, and the upper triple clamp mount was changed from solid bar mounts to removable/adjustable. Those are the differences in a nutshell...SC

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