Time for 06 suspension work.....15hrs

Calling Enzo tomorrow - they did my 03 and it is perfect :thumbsup:

Any 200lb riders had any 06 shock/fork revalve work done? What are the recommended spring rates for this rider weight. Also looking for best rate on a Yami Ti rear spring - if needed

Stock is damn good but I am in need of better than good...Time for complete disassemble , cleaning and new seals...mine are starting to leak slightly. :applause:

For Revalving I need recommendations on MB1, Enzo or other suspension shops specific only to a 06 YZF450?


We did one with MB1 and we're not having very good luck with it at all. The odd part is that my good friend has his 250F done a few weeks before mine and it might be the best suspension I've ridden. However, he did more than just the valving and I only did re-valve. Anyhow, I can't say I'd recommend MB1 right now.

Calling Enzo tomorrow - they did my 03 and it is perfect :thumbsup:

Keep us updated...I was thinking Enzo or Factory Connection. I have always used local shops in the past, but I want to try something new....

So I spoke to Ross at Enzo - nice guy btw, His recommendations are to leave stock springrates for my weight 200lbs and go stiffer to a 2.4 pressure spring. He talked to me about their valving spec for the 06 - and it is determined by what you want to accomplish using the stock KYB valves. There was no consistant message there as everyone has their own set up preferences. He also mentioned the DLC Coating for the inner and the Kashimi coating for the outer fork tubes, a 1200.00 option would help also.

so now to discuss with a local tuner......

Did someone here do the coatings? I am curious on the outcome....

I am in the same market right now and am leaning toward going local. But I would like to hear about anything else out there.

If you are going to spend your money on a big name suspension company and you ride a yamaha the best choice has to be ENZO. I have used them in the past and have not been disapointed. Remember the more info you can give them,speed, style,racing,play riding etc. the better job they can do for you.

I'm in the 200 lb. range race mx and ride a honda but the time I have spent on a buddys 06 yz 450 has me thinking it would be hard to improve the forks. When yamaha said they lenghtened the shock on the 07 1.5 mm to improve turning we did the same to his 06 and it did help. It's still no honda but much better than stock. while we were in there we increased the HS rebound damping a little to help hold it down in braking bumps. Try the spray on product forkslyk , it really works when it's first applied.

Did Ross at ENZO give you a cost on all this

Did Ross at ENZO give you a cost on all this

Ross gave me the cost on the DLC/Kashimi coating 1200.00...The cost for their revalve/service is on their website .... 175.00ea. - I think for the shock and forks.....but please do tell me (via pm) who there will give me a better cost. I got a baby on the way and cost is now a factor..... :thumbsup:

Ross gave me the cost on the DLC/Kashimi coating 1200.00...:thumbsup:
That's like using nuclear weapons to split hairs.

What about the new G2R gold valves from RACE TECH?

Never had much luck with Racetech....personally :thumbsup:

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