little advice on 2007 XR650L

I am getting the 07 tomorrow

I used to race open B class years ago last motocross I had was a 85 M Star 500 German bike raced maico's 490 before that , I am 47 now

any way I would like to ask for some advice for the handle bars seem low compared to a crf450x I might want to change them any I idea ?

1. please give me and Idea what Handel bar renthal will help it feel more like the 450x?

2.I am in Va Will this bike have the smog system ?should i get the kit to remove it?

3. A tire that will do better in dirt and not wear of on the street maybe 25/75 dirt. I read that the Bridge stone e-660 is good please advise?

4.I want to keep as quiet as possible can i get a light after market muffler that is quiet and performs better then stock?

5.dyno jet kit?k&n air filter?

I am going to ride a little road to get to the trails fire roads and some play action were I can

I would have bought the crf450x but there is no were to ride unless I trailer it around here because people call the cops when they hear the noise so thats why I got the dual sport


good deal , you must be excited.

Theres lots you can do to them just like any bike.

smog removal and daves mod , are a must.

do a search for those topics and you will find a ton of info.

Welcome to the GAME. I bought my bike stock...and was happy for the first day or 2..then found all these sites on modding the lil piggy...and the rest is history. I got some pics in my garage if you want a few ideas.

Daves mods are the first thing I did and remove smog. Thanks Dave !

Then gearing, a good rear tire (TerraFlex baby!!!) from was in order, getting a bigger tank became essential after a few long rides. and yada yada..the list goes on.

Keep an eye on Ebay for some good deals and through members here. Thanks MGS :thumbsup:

Your bike will really kick ass when modded properly.

I run Pro-Taper CRF/High bend with the riser adapters, and they are a sweet controlling the bike is much easier, highly recomended.

On my 2nd Terraflex and got over 1800mi on my first one. And you can point this thing at any hill you got the balls to tackle offroad and it will hook up and get you to the top.

Have fun and welcome to TT


I run a White Bros E-Series pipe and love it, but shes not quiet without the "quiet core" insert..but MAN it rocks.

thanks guys so far others tell me more

do all the xr650l have the smog pump?

or is it just in cali?

do all the xr650l have the smog pump?

or is it just in cali?

All. :thumbsup:

were ca I get a Acerbis fuel tanks for a 2007 XR650L ?

I would go with a Clarke 4.0 gallon, they have a great finish and the quality is second to none.

can you give me a link for the clarke that fits my bike ?


thanks for the link

A friend of mine has a 2001 650L...

On the gas tank go with the Clarke 4.7, it looks and rides great, the big Acerbis tank has fitment issues.

Do some research at and look for "Dave's Mods" for the 650L. Save your $ on the Jet kits, and buy UNI air filters rather than K&N. K&N is ok for street use, but they pass dirt off road. UNI is cheap, flows great and won't flow dirt if oiled properly.

The old White Bros E-series is probably one of the best pipes, but it's not made anymore. Ebay will be your only choice here. Stay away from the cheaper Supertrapp IDS2's, they are loud.

My buddy installed Tag CR double HI bars, and Cyrca Pro bend hand guards. He's ~6'4" and loves the new ergos.


Quiet pipe will be the FMF Q or Q2 pipe, or maybe Pro Circuit 496, nothing will be as quiet as stock. However, Dave's Mods carb rejetting will work with a stock pipe. Try it before you drop $ on another pipe. You can also pull out the exhaust baffle on the stocker...

Definitely remove the smog crap, and if you want street oriented tires that do ok off road then look at the Kenda 270's. They are CHEAP and will last you a good 3000+ miles. They aren't for agressive off roading, but are MILES better than the stock tires..

thanks guys I have not picked the bike up yet because if raining cats and dogs here but have so far ordered

Clake 4.0 gal red

smog block off kit

oil dip stick gauge

uni air filter

lowering link al baker

and a dynajet kit . dont know if i need it but it does have the

and have daves mods to do

Don't mean to knock any of your ideas, but you should hold off on the Dynojet kit. Read Dave's mods first. It'll give you the 2 jets to order, which may very well be in stock. Then all you have to get is a little washer to space up the needle. The Dynojet kit isn't very effective (both in cost & functional improvements).

yes I did rethink that and have cancel the order and asked for the 55 and 158 jet only

Now I am looking for a flush mount rear tailight and a license plate mount flush to rear fender can you help me with a linky?

GREAT LINK...I'll be buying the 07 "L" soon and will be doing the exact same mods...thanks guys.

My story is like many others....skip the Dynojet kit(tried it, didn't like it)...ended up using an Edelbrock pumper. I run a Big Gun Quiet series full exhaust system. Recently added the RSW Racing billet Upper triple clamp

and fork brace(Thanks to Treadmarks :thumbsup: )...

- As far as bars, I run the ever popular 7/8 Renthal CR HI bend...

- My choice in tires has been the Pirelli MT21's....

- I also went with the Clarke 4 gallon...

There's a bunch of pics in My Garage for ideas.


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