My new 2006 CRF450R

Hey ya'll. Well I finally made the switch from 4 wheels to 2. I like it so far. It has really been a learning experience. I now see why bike complain about quads. But I still love the 4 wheels also. Well here goes some pictures. I just got the bike Friday and had a good whip out Saturday that broke the visor on the helmet.

Well, there goes a few from today. But I have a question. Honda's have some holes in the plastic that go right into the air box. Do I need to cover those holes before washing the bike or no?

Yeah, its a good idea to cover them, just to keep water out of your airbox. A peice of duct tape works fine. Congrats on the new ride.

congrats. pretty good for only having the bike for a couple days! btw what track is that?

The track is the base track here at NAS Lemoore, Cali. It is in the process of getting a big make over for racing starting in Oct.

I never cover those holes. I just throw a plastic grocery bag over the air filter, spray a little 409 in the air box, then put the seat back on. Then I spray water in those holes as I wash the bike to clean the inside of the air box. After I dry the bike down I take the plastic bag off. The air filter is usually completely dry. Even if it is a little wet, it's no biggy because I take the filter out to clean at this point anyway.

congrats. pretty good for only having the bike for a couple days! btw what track is that?

Looks like desert to me. Plaster city maybe? OOPS!! Nevermind. :thumbsup:

Yea it is real dry out here. They are working on getting a water truck. But I am going to a real track today that is well groomed and all.

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