650R starting? on kickstand or?

Thank you all for giving me the advice on starting my 650R. With all your help I have been able to get her going in a kick or two, hot or cold. But, I have always been starting it with the kickstand down. Is this normal, or do you all start it with the kickstand up? My kickstand just broke, and I believe it was because I have been starting it on the kickstand. Please let me how you all start it, with or without the kickstand down. I would appreciate it very much.

unless you are too short to keep the bike balanced without the kickstand, I'd say put the thing up before you start it.

I've started my both on and off kickstand depending how tired I am or hard to start it is. Had mine 4 years and hasn't broke. Could your bolt have been loose? Pigs do have many fasteners that aren't tightened correctly.

Mine is an 2006. It seems it should have not broke. Maybe the original owner relied on the kickstand to get it started, as he was short and heavy. Any ideas on a replacement? Honda or?

I always start my 01 xr650r using the kickstand, no problems. 1-2 kicks and it starts almoste everytime. If you are not really tall it's difficult to start without using the kickstand IMO.

I can't start ,y XR without using the kicksatnd because I fall into that catagory of being to short to start it off the kickstand. If I have to not use the KS because of terrain, Ill get it rolling and ballance on it while coasting then kick start iy while Im rolling.. Mine has wasy to much compression to bump start it unless Im rolling 30 and in third.

So how many of you have replaced your kick stand since owning the bike? And, if so why?

I start mine both ways also and have never broke a kick stand. Maybe you weakened the kick stand before you learned the procedure for kick starting it.

I have put over 8000 miles of rugged terrain on XR650R's. Not bad for a week end warrior who mixes it up between his other three bikes.


I forgot to mention that two years ago I put a Baja Designs Electric starter on mine. So now I only kick start it the 1st start of the day. After it is warm I use the button.

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