Ricky Stator Questions

Hi today just recieved my new ricky stator 200w stator courtesy of John aka rcnutt many thanks John

The stator bolted on with no problems what so ever only problem is i've no idea which wires are which now coming off the stator as its been sometime since i removed the old one there seems to be extra wires

Any one know which wires are whitch or point me towards a schematic

many thanks!

ps sorry for the seemingly stupid :thumbsup: question

James, I don't have a Ricky Stator stator, but rather one rewound by Baja Designs. However, it sounds like you have additional wires now just like mine, so I imagine the wiring is very similar. I went from two to four wires coming out of the stator. That is due to it now being a two phase stator with the Baja Designs version having two 125 watt circuits. If yours is the same, it should not matter what you hook back into the harness, but you should contact Ricky Stator to be sure in case the wattage is not the same on both. It could be that you have something like a 125 watt circuit and a 75 watt circuit, in which case it will matter how you hook it back up. I would think that if there was a different output between the two, they would be colored differently as well. I'm kind of surprised that you did not receive instructions explaining the difference.


email ricky. He's been beyond helpful with my questions. Check his website for contact info.

ok guys thanks for the prompt responce email sent to ricky

yeah, It has two 100w outputs.I think the trick is to run one leg to an ac reg. and run your headlight off that then run the other leg to you DS reg/rec and run the DS kit off that.ricky is great with customer service, good luck, john

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