Wr450 or CRF 450X ?

Trying to decide on which bike to purchase, the WR450 or the CRF450X, does anyone have experience or knowledge on the handling, maintenence, and performance of these 2 bikes?

I have a wr450. The maintenance is a piece of cake. Its almost nothing. Its the closest to gas and go you'll get.

My riding buddy has a crf450x. No problems either. You can't go wrong with either one. Pic your riding outfit, then your bike to match.

However, since you are in Cali like me, don't get either one. Get a Husky or a street legal KTM. The only places we will soon have left to ride is from the dealer to our house and back.

I would say Get the yamaha there will be less maintinece in the long run

the crf will attract cops,bulls, and criticism

not bulls actually because they are color blind, just cops and criticism

the honda is nice too but if you get it put black plastic on it, thats

what i would do

Which ever one you get the best deal on is the one to buy. Honestly, unless you're a pro rider, you're not going to see a discernible difference...SC

WR 450f :thumbsup:

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