SDG Seat

I have asked Santa to being me the Clarke tank and SDG seat combo for that special day. And she replied, "Why do you need a new one of those?"

Anyway is the SDG ANY softer than the stock brick that kills my @##?



NO if anything it's harder!

Tom, The SDG seat is smaller with less cusion for your butt but you will need a YZ style seat to go with your slick Clark tank, the stock WR seat will not work with the Clark tank. If you're going for comfort with the Clark tank dont get the IMS seat, that thing is REALLY hard!! I really like my SDG. :)

Get factory fx soft seat foam, very nice.

Hey Tom If you want call me friday, you can come over and see my Clarke Tank/SDG Seat Combo It was nice meeting you tonight. Thanks for info on my wrist.

Tom, I love my Clark tank and SDG

seat! Next to my Scotts stablizer the best investment I ever made. :)

[ November 29, 2001: Message edited by: PMAUST ]

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