Anyone know the stock Dry Weight of a 99 400?

I am trying to settle a dispute with a friend.


My owners manual stated 236 dry. Hope this helps with your bet!

i don't have my owners manual but mine weighs in at 238 with oil and coolant (no gas)

Those bike weighed 250lbs.

in a nada pricing its dry weight was 230. some of us poor people cant afford nice light bikes

Those bike weighed 250lbs.
YZ or WR?

Since you have two answers giving the same figure of 238 with cited sources, I don't know why you would give any credence to the gratuitous assertion that "those bikes weighed 250 pounds".

The '99 owners manual lists the weight with oil and a full fuel tank as 252. If you subtract 16 pounds for fuel and oil, an estimate, you get 236. Sounds like that's the answer.

Remember that dry weight means dry; no fluid in anything, even the rear shock.

I go off what I read in dirtbike magazine. If you believe your manual than a new 450 is under 220. I think not.

The question was about the dry weight, and the dry weight of a new 450 IS under 220, as it has been since '03.

Dry weight is only really meaningful if you intend to run in the soapbox derby, though.

I had a 99 400 and I weighed it one day at work just to see what it really weighed. With half of a tank (1 gallon) of fuel and all other fluids serviced and a set of barkbusters on it, it weighed 252 lbs. My buddy's KTM 400 weighed a pound or so under 240 lbs. I would say that Gray man is pretty darn close with his math.

Since were talking about the prune and not the plumb, I'll have to agree with older & yzer

I have a 99 YZ400, and went to some lengths to lighten it up. I'm a mechanic and never get tired of just modifying/playing with bikes.

I have weighed it throughout its life.

It started out at 248 pounds, all fluids but no gas.

Got it down to 234, still all fluids but no gas, with a dry sump still in place. Could have peeled off another four or five pounds maybe. But I wandered off to another project!

I'm curious how you lost that much weight on a YZ400 and how much it cost. I'm not doubting you because I know it can be done, but it usually cost some serious coin to do it.

I personally think eliminating the dry sump on the YZF pretty much limits you to an hours worth of riding at one time and makes the very one dimensional. I know the pro MX'rs do it, but for the other 99% of us, it doesn't seem to make much sense. Just my opinion of course...

Are these bikes also way top heavy? I've always wondered how heavy my bike would feel compared to a new thumper.

The Dry weight is 231LBS

Same dry weight as the 00 426F. I have looked at ways to shave weight on my ole 426 and found the easiest way was for me to drop some lbs myself. I dropped 23+ lbs and it now feels and handles much much better. Hell I just upgraded to a 450 weight wise and didn't have to spend any $$'s :thumbsup: Okay, not really...

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